AI/ML Seminar Series


Weekly Seminar in AI & Machine Learning
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Jan 15
No Seminar (MLK Day)


Jan 22
Bren Hall 4011
1 pm
Shufeng Kong
PhD Candidate
Centre for Quantum Software and Information, FEIT
University of Technology Sydney, Australia

The Simple Temporal Problem (STP) is a fundamental temporal
reasoning problem and has recently been extended to
the Multiagent Simple Temporal Problem (MaSTP). In this
paper we present a novel approach that is based on enforcing
arc-consistency (AC) on the input (multiagent) simple temporal
network. We show that the AC-based approach is sufficient
for solving both the STP and MaSTP and provide efficient
algorithms for them. As our AC-based approach does
not impose new constraints between agents, it does not violate
the privacy of the agents and is superior to the state-ofthe-art
approach to MaSTP. Empirical evaluations on diverse
benchmark datasets also show that our AC-based algorithms
for STP and MaSTP are significantly more efficient than existing
Jan 29
Bren Hall 4011
1 pm
Postdoctoral Scholar
Paul Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Washington